Heads in the sand


A truly spectacular set of Victorian pornography, ten pictures I’ve collected from the same extraordinary, beautiful and intensely erotic session, well over a hundred years ago. I believe their connection is clear, in the soft smiles, the eye contact, the tenderness in the way hands lay on bodies, everything tells that this pair were lovers before and after this day on which we see them act out all their passion before the camera.
(Each picture from this adored collection can be picked out singly here should you want to take particular images not the full set as I have arranged it)


Fire Stone - Dragon’s Breath Opal

Leaf Stone - Dendritic Agate

Water Stone - Ocean Opal

Moon Stone - Opal

Sun Stone - Fire Opal

Dusk Stone - Fluorite

Dawn Stone - Opal

I kept seeing these around Tumblr and my mind kept going one place.


Artwork by Karina Eibatova


Pulp Fiction.


Liz Taylor in the 1950s.


Liz Taylor in the 1950s.


Sailor moon collection II

Pixiv id : sizh 


Randomographer on Flickr


Robert Fludd -  Utriusque Cosmi Maioris Scilicet et Minoris Metaphysica, 1617